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Plug 'n Play Replacement License Plate 10 LED Lights


5LED Red Cluster Bulbs for your
Rear Markers $20.00 per pair


5LED Amber Cluster Bulbs for
Amber Portion of Front Markers $20.00 per pair

18LED Tower Bulbs for Reverse Light  $35.00 / pair


Ex-Pod: Light your existing Exhaust Plate with our Plug & Play 5-LED Light Pod.




The Absolute Ultimate C5 Blackout Light Kit Available!

Halo LED Taillights w/32 LEDs


Finally Brighter Blackouts are available for your C5. 
In fact these are the brightest C5 blackouts available anywhere,
and arguably as bright as standard OEMs.

Black Cherry will be the standard color offered with the new “Full LED Blackout Light Kits”. The Black Cherry coloration will look black in “indirect” sunlight, yet appear very dark red in “direct” sunlight.

The objective for the Black Cherry coloration in combination with the LED lighting, is to allow more light to transfer through the lenses. This makes our C5 light kits the very brightest blackouts available!


Diamond Cut Rear Markers 


When compared to a Red OEM lens with a standard bulb, the Black Cherry LEDs are very close to equal the illumination. We've found that the parking lights are marginally brighter with our Black Cherry LEDs, while the brake light is marginally brighter with Red OEMs and standard bulbs. These margins are so close, that it’s very difficult to distinguish which lights are actually brighter.

The only incandescent bulbs used in this entire kit would be the front Signal/Directional lamps. However the amber side marker portion of this front corner light unit will be lighted with a 5 point Amber LED cluster.



Smoked Chrome Reverse Lights  $189.95


Adjure Diamond Cut rear markers with Red 5-Point LED cluster bulbs. They're an absolute perfect match with the Halo taillights.

The Adjure Crystal Eyes reverse lights are lighted with two 18 LED Tower Bulbs. Your license plate will be lighted by two 5 LED sealed retrofit plug & play units, available only by us. This gives us a total count of 212 LED lights in the entire kit.


Black Cherry LED Third Brake Light  $129.95


All pictures on this page were taken in “direct” sunlight to show you the black cherry coloration, they will otherwise appear black.


Smoked Chrome with Amber Front Markers $169.95


You're sure to be amazed with this dramatic update of your C5 Corvette!  You'll be the envy of all Corvette owners.










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