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L-5 Gallery


Custom Designs



Cold Air Intake Kit This cold air intake system can be installed in just minutes and is good for approximately
10-15 horsepower.




Convertible Hoops Chrome Plated


Convertible Hoops Black Coated


Convertible Hoops Unfinished




Body Enhancements &Appearance 

97-04 Corvette High Rise Hood   $799.99

Retaining the factory hood lines, this hood gradually attains a higher altitude throughout the center until it reaches an increase of 1.75" inches at the windshield.
This Corvette Hood is crafted from Hi-Temp,
Hand-Laid fiberglass for exceptional strength, quality and durability.


Ram Air Hood  $929.99

If you’re going for muscle, then look no further.
This hood was crafted to get attention.


ZO6 Carbon Fiber Duct Covers $209.99


97-03 Carbon Fiber Door Sills Starting @ $249.99


Each component is crafted from hi-temp, hand laid carbon fiber for exceptional strength, durability and an outstanding fit and finish.


Door Sills w/Red C5 Logo

Door Sills w/Silver C5 Logo

      Carbon Fiber Tonneau Cover  $225.99

Each cover is hand laid show off the detail of the carbon fiber.
Add the finishing touch to your C5 today!


  '97-‘04 Rocker Panel Extensions 

C-5 ground effects creates the illusion of a
lowered look with out loosing ground clearance. 

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C-5 Aero Rear Spoiler

This rear spoiler is a great addition to your C-5.
Not only does it have aerodynamic advantage after 70 MPH,
it looks great also.

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'97-'04 C-5 Classic Rear Spoiler

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